A/C Energy Saving Tip

“On” or “Auto” Which AC Setting Costs Less?

With the cooling season quickly approaching and appointments booking fast for air conditioner maintenance all throughout Delaware County, it is time to think about warmer weather. In the Northeast, the spring and summer months are precious and seem to be gone too soon, so we have to take advantage of them while they are here. Don’t blow your entertainment money by wastefully using your air conditioner. Today, we are addressing a common, but important question. Which uses less money, the “ON” or “AUTO” setting on the thermostat?

Thermostat Settings: On or AUTO

The “ON” setting will, as you might expect, activate your air conditioner to run constantly and cool your home indefinitely. As a result, the “ON” setting has the potential to be vastly more expensive if left on for an extended period of time.

However, this does not mean “AUTO” will be as efficient as possible. The “AUTO” setting will activate your air conditioner any time the internal thermometer reads higher than your set temperature. So, a temperature set very low will still run your air conditioner longer than necessary. The best thing you can do to conserve is to use the “AUTO” function at a reasonable temperature and turn the unit off completely when out of the home, asleep, or on mild days.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Clean and Check!

Simply put, a clean air conditioner runs more efficiently than one that has not yet had its annual Delfera A/C Tune-Up! So, the best way to conserve some cash this spring and summer is to start the season off right with a tune-up! Extend your system’s lifespan and ensure a breakdown-free summer with a Delfera Tune-Up!