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Breathe Easier…..

Breathe Easier

Breathe Easier

According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is among the top five environmental risks and is usually at least ten times more polluted than the outdoor air. Pollutants in your home’s air can cause dizziness and headaches, and may aggravate allergies and trigger asthmas. DelFera brings you an array of air purification products designed to drastically improve air quality. Components and systems we are proud to sell, install and service include :

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Whole House HumidifierWhole House Humidifier

Protect your family from the effects of over-dry air.
If in the wintertime your experiencing dry nose, painful static shocks, cracked itchy skin, aggravated allergy or asthma symptoms consider installing a whole home humidifier to add additional moisture to your home.

Media Air CleanerMedia Air Cleaner

Improving the air in your home is easy with a Media Air Cleaner. Designed to fit any central heating system, the Media Air Cleaner can make the air in your home cleaner and more comfortable. It traps and filters – Reduces major pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air passing through your heating and cooling systems.

Electronic Air CleanersElectronic Air Cleaners

Improving the air in your home is easy with an Electronic Air Cleaner. Designed to remove up to 96% of pollutants, such as dust, smoke, mold spores and pet dander, and circulates cleaner air throughout your home.